Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Class of 2012 - and a cake fail!

Well, this was the semester I was supposed to be graduating, but life stepped in and now I have to wait until December. Luckily for my boyfriend, though, he is now a college graduate! I had high hopes of making a pretty cake for him, but decided to try a buttercream transfer that didn't work out too well:

This is what the logo was supposed to look like
...Yeeeah. I would have been much better off drawing it free hand. It looked great on the parchment paper until I went to transfer it onto the cake, and it crumbled on me and started to stain the fondant. Ugh.

This was my first tiered cake and third time using fondant, so I think the rest of the cake looks decent. I was able to fix the bad logo by doing this:

Ta da! Nothing a little 180 degree turn couldn't fix! I would have done something to the front but I was running out of time. Oh well, his birthday is coming up in June so I'll be able to redeem myself then!

I am so proud of my boyfriend for graduating! He is so talented and succeeds at everything he puts his mind to. In the past couple years, I've seen his artwork improve so much. His work is hanging up in a local froyo shop, was published in a book, put in the newspaper, and was on display at the UNCW Senior exhibit. Yay, Josh!

The pamphlet from the show with his artist's statement:

I just found out yesterday that the summer semester starts Thursday, and I am not prepared at all. Whoops. Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to bring my GPA back up, get a job, and work on photography this summer! Only 7 more months until I graduate!

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