Sunday, May 20, 2012

This is just for my own amusement.

I am almost considering starting a new blog called "Awesome Parking Jobs of the Beau Rivage Harris Teeter". Or perhaps just "Awesome Wilmington Parking", because people here not only can't drive (this is coming from someone who grew up in DC), but we are home to the most ridiculously planned parking lots I have ever seen. Anyways, my favorite spot is the Harris Teeter by my apartment. I'm not sure if it's the billions of pickup trucks we have in the area, mass amounts of confused tourists, or the "don't give a shit" attitude of the yuppies living on the golf course nearby. Nonetheless, I am always amused on the few occasions I make it out to the ol' Hairy Teets. Here are 3 of my favorite examples from my quick trip today:

Almost made it!

Oooh, so close!

Sorry, dude. No words of encouragement for you.

Luckily the place wasn't too busy today, but it's even worse when the store is crowded. Don't get me wrong, I'm in nooo way the greatest driver (or parker) out there. My spatial relations are actually quite terrible, but I at least correct myself. :P

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